11 January - First sighting in 2014. Alex Tongas has reported the first sighting for 2014. He observed BJMX at Mathis Park, Toms River, NJ on January 4.

4 April - Faithful to Fort Chambly ! The gull with band JAFK was seen again along the Chambly Basin near the lock and the Fort by Raymond Belhumeur. Marked on 30 April 2009 at the Île Deslauriers colony, it was seen on 31 March 2010, 9 April 2011, 3 April 2012, 30 March 2013, and 7 April 2014.

16 July - New publication. A paper written by Martin Patenaude-Monette has been published today in PLoS ONE::


27 July - A gull marked in Massachusetts reported in St-Pierre-et-Miquelon. The gull B70T was observed and photographed on July 26 by Laurent Jackman on the beach along Étang Savoyard in St-Pierre-et-Miquelon, FRANCE. The bird had been banded in Tewksbury, Massachusetts on January 31st 2014 by M.I.T. and MA DCR biologists.

2 AugustA bird tracked since its birth. This 2-year old gull was photographed by Marie-Lise Beaudin at Saint-Stanislas-de-Kostka on July 31st. The web tag was put on the chick just after hatching on May 12 2012 on Île Deslauriers. It was recaptured on June 13 (32-day old) and fit with  a blue (B) plastic band and a US Fish & Wildlife Service steel band (0954-20346). We can compare the condition of the chicks at the time of banding by weighing them and measuring their head, bill, and tarsus length while controlling for their age. This is the first sighting of B6KF. We marked approximately 900 juveniles with web tags but over 9,000 gulls have received a colored leg band since 2009. So far, we have cumulated 8,500 observations of 3,500 individuals as part of our study on the population dynamics of Ring-billed Gulls in southern Quebec.


13 OctoberThe role of gulls in transmitting pathogens. Video (in French) produced by Annick Antaya, Amélie Ladouceur and Sarah Talarico assisted by Claude R. Paquette (film editor) as part of their course entitled Intégration during their B.Sc. in biology at UQAM.