January 13 - First sighting in Quebec. Raymond Belhumeur reported the first marked bird in Quebec for this year. He spotted B3LC at Recre-O-Parc Ste-Catherine along with five other Ring-billed gulls. This bird was web tagged in a nest on Deslauriers Island on 11 May 2012 and banded on 15 June. We can see the web tag that has a unique code allowing us to identify chicks at banding.

February 7 - Martin Patenaude-Monette on GaiaiPresse. A former member of our research group, Martin Patenaude-Monette has published a paper entitled Une cohabitation possible entre les citadins et le goéland urbain on the GaïaPresse website [in French].

March 14 - The gulls are back! Ring-billed gulls arrived in the Montreal area earlier this week. Few thousands were observed this morning in the main colony on Île Deslauriers, near Varennes.

July 22 - A gull problem in Quebec city. A small colony of Ring-billed gulls established near the Quebec incinerator at Limoilou has gone unnoticed until the young fledged few days ago. Complaints by citizens leaving nearby has brought the city to start a scaring program. J-F. Giroux has commented on the limited efficiency of the methods taken. See the text (in French) on the Radio-Canada web site.

October 14 - Three thousandth individual observed. During this last week-end, Raymond Belhumeur observed the 3000th marked individual at the Recre-O-Parc at Ste-Catherine. It was BA46 captured and marked last June on the Deslauriers colony. Since 2009, 8000 gulls have been color-banded and 6900 observations have been submitted.